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home is where the heart is....home is where the hurt is [entries|friends|calendar]

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+.b r e a t h e.+

[28 Apr 2005|03:02am]
[ mood | tired ]

that last entry was something random didnt mean to scare anyone if i did muahaha

+.b r e a t h e.+

[14 Mar 2005|09:07pm]
wow life can actually be good. things are going. and jenny is totally rad. ive been workin hangin out with her and i got drunk in a dumpster the other night too anyways i hate the internet so im off.

+.b r e a t h e.+

[04 Mar 2005|04:03am]
getting my life together. got a job and looking for more work.im pretty sad right now tho but im not letting it stop me. ya know ther'es just some things you cant let go....

+.b r e a t h e.+

[27 Feb 2005|06:38pm]
i think its about time i move..... which im going to. find new friends. fuck all the people around here. seriously you all suck.
fuckin' soul suckers. it's not me it's YOU.

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[30 Jan 2005|03:59pm]
would you believe i'm lonely yet again?

+.b r e a t h e.+

longer needed update,summary of the last week?sleepin' alot lately,something (someone) is missing... [07 Jan 2005|08:03am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

sooo, ive been having some crazy times. new years eve david moved out and i played a show with an improv noiseish rock band called "death explosion" at the solid state with rhythm of 84, inked in blood, believing in june, and a bunch of other bands. at first it started out kinda rocky but got better what do you expect none of us had ever played together before. and i went insanely crazy while i played... strange thing this chick on the side of the "stage" area kept takin pics of me so i was giving her weird looks haha i even knocked over a lamp and busted the light fixture off. and of course my famous dropping to my knees out of nowhere like its nothing, i get a huge adrenaline rush so i dont feel anything, i tend to do that, got lots of bruises tho.(all of us in the band were musicians from different bands contacted ahead of time, brought together to make one band, just for the kicks) haha fun times... all very good musicians. then i proceeded to my friend richard's downtown. was stuck there. sober. him and another guy had sex with some girl while ryan and i sat behind this vanity that of course wasnt enough blockage, smoking cigs.... and i was being single and lonely haha no new years kiss yikes :/ not that i need one, just wouldve been nice ya know. it's all about wanting, not needing.

then the other night i hung out with this girl liz, downtown in the pearl district (yeah i know me in the pearl district haha crazy thought). chit chatted at coffee time. shes a pretty cool chick. good friend. strange meeting new people though. i was pretty much there for her to talk to while she was goin thru some rough shit... and my friends were kinda being distant for awhile. but things are lookin up with them and me.
then last night around 12:30 am i was hangin out with matt walking around and got pulled over twice by the fuzz. it started raining of course. my ass got wet. we were both totally sober which was in our favor. first time we got searched. even though i didnt consent. they broke my pipe they didnt find my bowl... hehe
and they asked how much my pipe costed i was like free someone gave it to me, i didnt lie. then the asshole cop behind me was like yea right people just dont give those away for free, i bet your saying its not yours either. "no it is" with a big smile on my face the whole time as if i was on anti depressants. that's what you gotta do im tellin ya. as long as you arent on anything. then we got stopped again by the fuzz at the entrance of my apartments but i was just like heywere just headed to my place. i live in apartment "***" even though i'm a good kid so it doesnt matter he asked for our i.d.'s he didnt run them though cause matt told them we had already gotten stopped the had heard about kids getting pulled over by this school, which was mistaken identity in the first place, so he was hella nice to us. nice to see they are doin their jobs though and they arent all assholes. he told us to stay inside get warm. i told him to have a goodnight and to take it easy. as we got the same in return.
damn this was long. sorry bout that unless of course it's what you wanted?? hah

next stop job searching blah.

+c o l d . d e a d . b r e a t h s x 1 || .b r e a t h e.+

[06 Jan 2005|02:32am]
hmmm am i awake am i even alive. woa i wish i even knew.

+.b r e a t h e.+

[28 Dec 2004|12:43am]

+.b r e a t h e.+

[25 Dec 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

happy holidays....

+c o l d . d e a d . b r e a t h s x 1 || .b r e a t h e.+

[23 Dec 2004|06:40am]

+.b r e a t h e.+

[22 Dec 2004|06:06am]
at least NAKED BOY is happy riding his
red one-eyed three legged reindeer during this krismas season.
whatever makes people happy ya know?

+.b r e a t h e.+

[22 Dec 2004|05:16am]
[ mood | high ]


i wanna believe....

....nobody loves me

+c o l d . d e a d . b r e a t h s x 2 || .b r e a t h e.+

[21 Dec 2004|02:07am]
[ mood | depressed ]

....not being any happier. whatever. fuckin.. a

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[13 Dec 2004|01:53am]
[ mood | tired ]

so theyre worried about me.... i'll be fine, ya know.

*smears eyeliner*

heh. i think im moving downtown, which would be cool. get a cheap ghetto apartment in an old hotel even tho the water tastes like mold. job search down there starts tomorrow.

oh yes found another singer to add to the sound of (nosexforme). he's also an awesome friend. fuckin amazing screamer. at least thats a positive point.

aiden is playin the 17th at the solid state you all should go.

"don't be scared
it's only me
then theres you...
your murder is suicide
no not this time around"

+.b r e a t h e.+

[10 Dec 2004|08:59am]
i'm movin to Fraggle Rawk

+c o l d . d e a d . b r e a t h s x 5 || .b r e a t h e.+

dont read this unless you wanna hear how i feel. [10 Dec 2004|05:44am]
blah. hmm. apparently my mom has noticed.its what ive been hearing... i havent been the normal-happy timmy anymore lately... maybe it's cause im not. i cant even really go into it cause even if i did you wouldnt care.... noone ever actually has and me caring about shit anymore only hurts. i drink lots of coffee, no sleep, no food. not to metnion my heart has a big gaping hole in it, but what else is new. should i even have hope? hope for what? hope? it's also another reason why i hardely talk to anyone online anymore or even in person, when i do. FUCK it's what happens when you get old and everyone loses interest in you. i got a pack of cigarettes and a pair of pants for my birthday woohoo the pants were ten bucks. but ya know fuck possessions. not only that, people had to bitch me out. nobody really seems to really fuckin care hell i dont even really care anymore...im just not a happy person anymore ehhh if i become anymore depressed im checkin myself into a mental hospital. 1 month steady of depression. more to come. used to be able to control it. im not a suicidal person though....although im sujre if i cut myself i wouldnt feel it. and no its not cause im getting DRUNK i dont drink anymore. then of course i think about this time of year last year ehhh :( youre all prolly better off not even talkin to me especially if your gonna be some bitch or asshole to me, which most people are. even ones i wouldve never thought. oh and dont give me excuses especially when all i am is nice to everyone!!! quit being superficial pricks. i mean shit i have more emotional stability then most of the people i mean look thats pretty bad. i dont talk shit to you. or about you. maybe people dont seem to see im sincere. id give my life for alot you. words cant really describe how i feel i know im leaving stuff out MAYBE I SHOULD JUST MOVE AWAY FROM HERE. sounds like a plan. ill move to cali. and NO nobody is invited, oh thats right you never asked! all pleasure for you so you wont have to hear about me ever again or talk to me or see me. i do have alot of options. you run thru my veins like a disease oh yea and another thing jesus people stop watching tv. and seriously i dont really care what anyone else thinks after they read this.

+c o l d . d e a d . b r e a t h s x 3 || .b r e a t h e.+

[04 Dec 2004|11:19pm]
im done with livejournal. im done with alot. glad im having a life.

+c o l d . d e a d . b r e a t h s x 1 || .b r e a t h e.+

[03 Dec 2004|12:59am]
livejournal is lame myspace is where it's at.

+c o l d . d e a d . b r e a t h s x 2 || .b r e a t h e.+

[29 Nov 2004|01:47am]
it seems thisis what livejournal is for... and yes im terribly lonely

+.b r e a t h e.+

[16 Nov 2004|01:30am]

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